Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HOT FUN: Lightning Bolt featured in Vanity Fair

Lightning Bolt's classic Bolt tee is featured as a must-have for this summer's surf and sport essentials according to prestigious Vanity Fair magazine. ENJOY!

Summer Fitness Gear for Women

Lightning Bolt's tie-dye bikini and girl's classic boardshort featured on AZ Central's "Summer Fitness Gear for Women" segment.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lightning Bolt Surfboards featured in Vogue Magazine

One of Lightning Bolt's surfboard was recently featured in VOGUE Magazine's "Need It Now: Surf's Up" story, along with Alexandra Cassaniti's ever-so-stylish board bags.

“My work is not really about if you’re a surfer or not. People have told me when they wear the bags they feel connected to them. They are aware of my company and how we make each piece, so they feel they’re part of the process," says Cassaniti.

Looks amazing with that Bolt board either way!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Steve Garbarino, editor-at-large, Playboy Magazine

Catching up with Steve Garbarino, editor-at-large, Playboy magazine, and contributing editor, Vanity Fair

"Unpretentious surf- and lifestyle wear, smart enough to not lose touch with its golden-era ‘70s inspiration. Bonfires on the beach with a blonde-haired girl wearing your flannel shirt to stay warm, saddled up to you. The salty, chilly smell of fog burning off the ocean in the early morning, while eating a breakfast burrito at the Ditch Witch stand at Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk by the East Deck Motel."

(On most influential person on the world of surf) “Rabbit” Bartholomew. In the ‘70s, when surfers had a tendency to take themselves a tad too seriously, Wayne brought a rock-and-roll spirit to the proceedings—the same as what Ali brought to boxing: be cocky, but get the job done…with flair and theatricality, and occasionally Falstaffian behavior."

"Nearly ten years ago, I was commissioned by GQ to interview Jonathan at San Onofre for a surfer style piece. Afterwards, we all went to a rib shack by the beach, and laughed and toasted beers. It was just a little taste of the chill that these guys have. And respect they have for each other and even outsiders to the sport and lifestyle."